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Ledn helps you to experience the real life benefits of your Bitcoin without having to sell it. Start a savings account, take out a loan, or double your Bitcoin with Ledn.



Ledn helps you experience the real life benefits of your Bitcoin without having to sell it. Start a savings account, take out a loan, or double your Bitcoin.

New Leaf Products

New Leaf Productsis a leading UK-based health and wellness retailer supplying customers with a wide range of high-quality nutritional supplements. From vitamins and minerals to beauty and joint supplements as well as immunity products, we strive to provide you with high quality products that are made in the UK to the highest standards and that are value for money.


Mates Place

People should feel safe, secure and comfortable in the place they choose to live, so why choose to rent with strangers when you could live with friends? Revolutionising the private rental market using the power of users' networks, Mates Place helps users find flats and flatmates through friends of friends. The instances of fake listings, tenants/landlords from hell or outright fraud are pervasive in the private rental market and these are notoriously difficult to spot or prevent. MatesPlace reduces these risks by only showing users listings posted by people within their wider social network. MatesPlace began as a private Facebook group in 2017 and had grown, just via word of mouth, to over 21,000 users by May 2021. Everyone in the group was a friend of a friend, with people only admitted if they were connected on Facebook to an existing user. To keep up with demand and expand the user-base further, MatesPlace the app was born! Building on the connectivity and increased layer of comfort that has made the Mates Place Facebook group so successful, the app identifies a user's network through their phone contacts, so they only see listings for flats or flatmates from people they are connected to via their wider social network. Users also have complete control over how many degrees of connection they are comfortable with when searching for or offering a place to live e.g. just friends, or friends of friends etc, up to three degrees. Home is the most important place in our life and the people you choose as flatmates can make the difference between happiness and misery. So why just choose a room when you can choose a Mates Place!



OSKAR ist eine digitale Vermögensverwaltung, die Dein Geld schon ab einem Sparbetrag von 25 Euro/Monat für Dich professionell anlegt. Jeder OSKAR Kunde bekommt ein Konto, auf das er Geld zum Anlegen einzahlen kann und ein Depot, in dem die ETFs liegen, die OSKAR für Dich kauft. Du partizipierst damit an der weltweiten Entwicklung der Wirtschaft und hast gleichzeitig eine Inflationsschutz-Komponente. Das alles ohne langfristige Verpflichtung – Du kommst jederzeit an Dein Geld und kannst ohne Frist und Kosten kündigen. In OSKAR investierst Du per Einmalanlage, als ETF-Sparplan oder beides kombiniert – ganz wie Du möchtest. Spare für Dich und / oder Deine Kinder oder Enkel (dabei kannst Du die Anlage steuerlich auf Dich oder Deine Kinder laufen lassen). OSKAR ist der unkomplizierte ETF-Sparplan für Kinder und Erwachsene. Übrigens: OSKAR investiert bereits zu 50% in nachhaltige ETFs.



Aquafit is here to help you crush your daily hydration goals, making it easy to measure your progress every step of the way, with sturdy, motivating Track how much you drink - Our water bottle comes with time markers on the side so you can see your daily water intake and stay on track to meet your health and fitness goals. Durable, light and portable. Drink all the water you need and forget about refills: this large water bottle is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle! Includes a useful handling strap to bring it everywhere Includes 2 interchangeable 100% leak-proof lids, one with a silicone straw and one without. Switch style according to your drinking preference, activity and more! BPA-free & user friendly design


Key Nutrients

KEY NUTRIENTS Electrolytes Powder, Hydration Powder - No Sugar - No Calories, Gluten Free Keto Our bodies need more than just water to get pumped up, and an electrolytes powder is the key! It has no calories or sugar, perfect for fitness enthusiasts and active individuals. With its deliciousflavor, you'll enjoy staying hydrated! Loaded with Key Nutrients - Powered by 6 key electrolytes, including magnesium, potassium sorbate, and calcium. Our electrolytes powder also contain 12 vitamins to help you stay healthy and hydrated. Combat Dehydration - When you sweat, you lose electrolytes: the minerals that keep you energized. And even too much drinking can be hard on your body's levels. Replenish lost fluids with our electrolytes no sugar powder mix and keep up with your active lifestyle.


Fullstar Kitchen

Fullstar Kitchen is your ultimate kitchen companion, dedicated to crafting premium yet affordable kitchenware that elevates the joy of cooking and food preparation. Take your culinary experience to new heights with our Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, a space-saving and versatile tools featuring interchangeable blades, each serving a unique function. These tools are your all-in-one solution for every slicing need in your healthy food preparations!



We’re here for the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus. With our communities, we’ll change society to make it more inclusive for everyone, help people hear better now and fund world-class research.


Team USA Shop

The Team USA Shop is the official store for US Olympic Apparel.



Created for real people, with real results. We know first-hand how life changing thinning hair can be. So, we created THIX as a trusted and reliable solution to look after the hair you’ve still got, whilst you’ve still got it. In an independent study, 82% of users said their hair was thicker after using THIX.


Music Magpie

Whether you're looking to sell your phone or buy a cheap tablet, musicMagpie has you covered. Check out our prices on phones, tech, games & more now!


New Body By Venus

Lose weight with Semaglutide based solutions.


JOY Wine

It's time for wine to glow up. Because wine has moved on. And we’re here for it. You can wave goodbye to the stuffy, overcomplicated, only for special occasions, spend twenty minutes swirling it, and please stop talking about grapes-kinda wine of the past. You know the type. Instead, say hey to a joyous and shareable new wine-drinking experience. Helping you discover the joy of wine your way and making wine enjoyable for everyone. No judgement here. The only label we care about is on the bottle. You do you. Welcome to JOY.



PACK’D passionately delivers straight forward (clean & natural) nutritious, sustainable plant-based food with absolutely no compromises on flavour or quality. Developed by nutritionists and designed for everyday living, everything we make at PACK’D is simple, healthy and naturally delicious. Perfectly portioned and frozen so that you get exactly what you need when you need it, from our superfood smoothie kits to our organic frozen fruit packs, we’re here to make super nutrition simple.







PediaGROW is an all-natural toddler formula from French farms. Specially tailored for toddlers aged 12 months and over, our growing-up milk contains all the natural goodness they need for the next stage of their feeding journey. This is the first French-made formula brand in the US. Our French-made toddler formula uses milk from grass-fed cows in Normandy. Founded on more than 70 years of expertise, it features key developmental ingredients you won’t find in other US formulas. Plus, it has a naturally creamy taste and texture that even the pickiest eaters will love.



„Gemeinsam sind wir stark“ - nach diesem Motto hat myRight bereits erfolgreich gegen den VW-Konzern geklagt und für viele tausend Verbraucher hohe Entschädigungen erwirkt. Auch 2023 unterstützt myRight betroffene Verbraucher bei neuen Schadenersatzklagen gegen den Volkswagen Konzern. Zudem werden aufgrund der neuen Rechtslage voraussichtlich mehr als 150 neue Modelle entschädigungsfähig sein und damit noch bessere Erfolgsaussichten bestehen. Mit unserem Online-Schadenersatzrechner können Verbraucher schnell und ohne Kostenrisiko ihre Ansprüche prüfen lassen und sich im Fall der Anerkennung an einer Sammelklage beteiligen, die von renommierten nationalen und internationalen Partnerkanzleien unterstützt wird.



A company who provides cash for old gold



For 70 years, TRESemmé has helped women and men express themselves confidently as they make their mark on the world. From our origins in salons, TRESemmé has been driven by a simple truth: every woman deserves to look and feel fabulous, like they've just stepped out of the salon. TRESemmé is dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the salon price. Salon inspired and tested products that help you create your own style and experience that salon feeling every day. TRESemmé promotes the values of independence, self-reliance, and most importantly, the confidence you need to step up and meet the next challenge. We understand the power of hair to boost your confidence, which is why we believe in empowering modern women everywhere to lead the way. We believe your style is power.



We are a skin wellness brand with an aromatherapist’s soul, an artist’s spirit, and a scientist’s commitment to results. An innovative and global British skincare brand with over 30 years of expertise and available in over 45 countries, we believe in ‘truth in beauty’



StayTrack is a leading short-term rental intelligence platform. The platform aggregates data from millions of properties across the USA & Canada to help property investors make data-led decisions to increase the value of their property portfolio.


Sleep Number

Sleep Number is a wellness technology company. We are guided by our purpose to improve the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep; to date, our innovations have improved over 14.5 million lives. Our wellness technology platform helps solve sleep problems, whether it’s providing individualized temperature control for each sleeper through our Climate360® smart bed or applying our 21 billion hours of longitudinal sleep data and expertise to research with global institutions.​​Our smart bed ecosystem drives best-in-class engagement through dynamic, adjustable, and effortless sleep with personalized digital sleep and health insights; our millions of smart sleepers are loyal brand advocates. And our nearly 5,000 mission-driven team members passionately innovate to drive value creation through our vertically integrated business model, including our exclusive direct-to-consumer selling in 670 stores and online. COMFORT​Comfort is the #1 reason why someone is looking for a new mattress, and we know we have the BEST solution –our adjustable firmness. Our competitors talk about adjustability, but it’s specific to their bases. Our smart beds are unique with the adjustable firmness within the mattress, on both sides. ​Our differentiated feature, adjustable firmness, is ownable only to us, Sleep Number. The outcome is the ideal level of comfort. The proof is that 94% of Sleep Number smart bed sleepers report better sleep quality vs a non-smart bed.​TEMPERATURE BENEFITS​We know that temperature is one of the top sleep issues for consumers. 80% of couples sleep too hot or too cold. We’ve seen an uptick in temperature related messaging in our industry.​Our differentiator: Now ALL Sleep Number smart beds have temperature benefits—from our affordable c-series all the way up the line to Climate360, which allows smart sleepers to sleep up to 13 degrees cooler or warmer on either side.​



Hello! Welcome to Balgo. We're a team of nutritionists, vets, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and dog lovers obsessed with helping our fury friends enjoy longer, healthier, more active lives. We've made it our mission to lead a personalised, plant-based nutrition revolution for dogs. Because our dogs health needs are unique - just like ours.


Field Doctor

Delicious, naturally healthy, frozen meals Powered by nutritional science ‍ Chef x dietitian ‍ Sustainably sourced Delivered to your door. Designed to service people with dietary conditions that don't have access to convenient meal options.



Munchkin is a baby and parent brand who create credible products for babies and children that make parents' lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of "the little things".





Power your gut. Power you. The world's most advanced prebiotic fibre blend proven to boost your gut health.


Design Home

Design Home is the mobile game where you can engage in creative play with high-end furniture and home decor from real brands to create beautiful 3D spaces.


finanzen.net zero

finanzen.net zero ist der Neobroker von finanzen.net, Deutschlands größtes Börsenportal. Zero steht dabei für Null Kosten: keine Orderkosten, Depotgebühren und Fremdkostenpauschalen. Die Kundinnen und Kunden zahlen damit lediglich den aktuellen Kurswert des Wertpapiers. Die Mission von finanzen.net zero ist es, das Trading-Erlebnis neu zu definieren und Geldanlage für jeden zugänglich zu machen.



BIOME9 is a premium pet wellness brand built on the love of dogs, transforming their health and happiness through the application of cutting-edge life sciences and AI. Our at-home test combined with the power of our computational AI will reveal the complex science of your dog’s gut health and deliver personalised advice on diet, lifestyle adjustments and a targeted supplement plan to improve their health and wellbeing. Which is an accurate description of what we do. But we’ll need much more than an accurate description to connect with pet lovers all over the world. We need to move them. Excite them. Impress them with our scientific expertise, but win them over with our understanding of what it means to truly want the best for your dog. This is how we’ll do it - in everything we do.



Check out their site for more information!



zeroheight creates a central hub for designers, engineers, product and marketing teams. Connect everyone with your design system and make your whole org happier 😊



Husband and wife Zak and Zara were expecting a little one, but during this time, Zara began to experience intensely dry, painful and problematic skin. Wanting to find a natural solution, she recalled all the times her own mother used their South-Asian heritage to find a solution to any skin or hair issue. They formulated a product using unique Indian ingredients which transformed her skin. Zara's grandmother, who was from Delhi in India, came from a long line of 'hakims' who used Ayurvedic recipes to promote natural healing - hence the brand name 'Delhicious'. www.delhiciousbody.com


Sanctuary Spa

Self-care is your business. It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. At Sanctuary Spa we’re making self-care unique to everyone, including you. Our range of luxurious products help you to spoil yourself whenever and however you choose. Be in an extra hot shower, a long bath, or an extra scoop of Melting Pearls Body Butter, it’s time for you to close the door on the world and make the most of the precious time you’ve carved out for yourself.



High-end meal kits at home



Primark is a leading international clothing retailer employing more than 72,000 people in 15 countries – and growing. Everything we do is built around everyday affordability: from great quality essentials to standout style, trendsetters to multi-generational families, everyone is welcome at Primark.


Top10 Collagen

“Top10” is a website that compares many different verticals and connects U.S. customers with top brands in order to assist them in making the best decisions for their needs. One of these verticals is Collagen Supplements. We help you compare the benefits, pricing and discounts of top-ranked collagen brands.


Best Money Business Loans

Apply in Minutes. Get funded fast. With lower rates, you can boost your business while saving thousands on payments. Compare top lenders and lock in your rate today.


Best Money Debt Consolidation

There is a way out of loan and credit card debt that doesn't include sky-high interest. Review the best debt consolidation loans to help you climb out of debt. Our debt consolidation loan process will not impact your credit score. You can securely compare offers on our site without breaking a sweat.


Best Money Personal Loans

Discover the best Personal Loan lenders for 2023. Get the cash you need, fast. Find lenders with lower interest rates, so that you can get the funds you need while saving thousands on payments. Compare top personal loans and lock in your rate today.


Best Money Car Insurance

We are BestMoney, a comparison site for various financial products. One of our successful verticals is Car Insurance. There are several benefits to using us. We are free service with easy processes and we work only with leading car insurance companies. In addition, we provide cheap rates as low as $24 a month(!), which leads to $820 in savings a year.


Most Wanted Wines

The Most Wanted Wines range helps wine drinkers discover some of the world’s most wanted grapes and regions. Lip-smacking, slick-looking, easy-drinking wines at the best value you can get.



Lifesafe Technologies have a product called the StaySafe All-in-1 Fire Extinguisher. The StaySafe All-in-2 Fire Extinguisher is small, compact, lightweight and easy to use. It is for multiple types of fires including electrical, cooking oil, textiles, petrol/diesel, paper/card, motor oil, and bio-ethanol. The StaySafe All-in-1 also extinguishes dangerous Lithium-Ion battery fires: The battery technology found in phones, laptops, e-scooters and more They are suitable for keeping one anywhere a fire might start. Fits comfortably in the kitchen, car, caravan, campervan or camping. A liquid fire extinguisher that’s safe to use on electrical fires. The All-in-1 is specially formulated to work safely on electrical fires up to 1000V. It is fully tested and approved. We work with recognised standards and trusted third-party testing facilities to ensure our products are fully approved for use. The StaySafe All-in-1 is Non-toxic, non-hazardous and eco-friendly. One of the most eco-friendly extinguishing solutions available. No toxic residue left behind, and less waste to clean up.


Steven Brown Art

Steven Brown Art is becoming a household name. His colourful characters, landscapes and lifestyle products add an attractive twist to any home, with a design to suit everyone.


Speedy Cleaner

Its a cleaner-style app for iPhone, designed to clean and speed up your phone focusing on deleting junk/duplicate files that could be causing someones phone to be cluttered


John Frieda

John Frieda is an iconic haircare brand helping people with all hair types to achieve their best locks yet, using salon quality products at home


Pretty Orange

Pretty Orange hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit der Herstellung von unterschiedlichsten Produkte für ganz besondere Anlässe, wie Hochzeit, Geburt, Geburtstagen, … Neben Karten findest du aber auch ein große Auswahl an Foto & Wanddekoration und personalisierbaren Geschenken – und alles ganz einfach und individuell an deinen Geschmack anpassbar!


Supper Club

We started Supper Club to bring delicious food to your table. We put our passion for honest, home cooked food into every meal and then we freeze them to ensure we lock in the delicious flavours. These are no ordinary frozen meals. These are award-winning, chef designed, restaurant quality suppers made in the heart of Lancashire. We pride ourselves on making great tasting food, and to do this we believe takes the finest ingredients. It’s why we use local suppliers wherever we can. Our vegetables are sourced locally from the Ribble Valley, our fish from the Port of Lancaster and our prime cuts of meat selected from the finest farm stock in England. We want to make dining at home the most enjoyable experience, because it should be. At Supper Club we love entertaining and sitting together at a table eating fantastic food, whether it is with our family or friends - it’s what it’s all about! We understand life is busy and we don’t always have time to cook from scratch so with our suppers all you need to do it keep them in the freezer until you are ready to warm in the oven and serve. We have recommended the perfect sides for each supper but you may also have your own ideas, why not put your own flair on your supper?



Nebeus is a trusted platform that enables users to access crypto-backed loans and facilitates seamless cryptocurrency transactions. With Nebeus, users can bridge crypto and cash, diversify investments without selling their cryptocurrencies, and benefit from a one-stop-shop for all their crypto needs.



Revolutionising the private rental market using the power of users' networks, MatesPlace helps users find flats and flatmates through friends of friends.


Leading Tuition

Leading Tuition is a service that finds private tutors for students who need help with pre-GCSE, GCSE or A-Level study. Sessions are flat £50/hour and most clients are London-based. On TrustPilot, they've started building really good reviews, with parents happy about the increased confidence in their kids and improved grades!


Revs Footwear



The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise assist aspiring travel agents in opening their own travel business. Essentially giving them a business that is ready to go from industry standard travel brokerage software to the skills to sell holiday packages.


The Rockster

The Rockster dog food is the only Bio-organic superfood for dogs in the world that is certified as a superfood in its own rights and it has now landed in the USA. It's the best of the best. Allow me to introduce you to the heart-warming story behind The Rockster. Founded by Zoe and Sven, The Rockster is a brand born out of love and compassion for our furry friends. During their honeymoon, they rescued an emaciated street dog near La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples. This extraordinary canine, lovingly named The Rockster, displayed a peculiar reluctance to consume commercial pet food, opting for leftovers and scavenging through dustbins instead. Through an expert's guidance, Zoe and Sven discovered that The Rockster's instinctual behaviour was a result of his genuine street dog nature, genetically wired to avoid anything that could be potentially harmful. It was then that Zoe and Sven learnt about what really happens in the pet food industry and what was in even the "natural" or "proper" foods they had tried to entice him with over the years... And so, the journey of The Rockster dog food began. Each product/flavour has the full ingredients list with percentages completely itemised and accounted for. It even tells you exactly what part of the animal is used and everything is done humanely.



Rocketo make dehydrated-raw, organic dog food.



Meet Wollit, the smart new way to build your credit score. All credit agencies. Guaranteed approval. No credit checks.



Car dealerships (Stockport & Barnsley) based in the North that offer can source car finance and match customers to a car that suits their budget and circumstances.



Reusable bottles, coffee cups, food pots and cutlery sets.


GUM Playbrush

Making brushing fun and easy! Only those who clean correctly win! Brushing movements are measured, transmitted to the GUM Playbrush app in real time and are decisive for the success of the game. Through interactive feedback from the toothbrushing coach, the oral care routine can be further improved. The Smart sonic toothbrushes can be used from the age of 3 with extra small brush heads, and switched to an age-appropriate brush head at 6 years old.





Whilst you and your four-legged friend may enjoy a walk in the park, pet parenthood is anything but one. It is tough. Imperfect. And at times can be messier than something the cat dragged in. But it is the tough times that bond us, that brings pets and people closer. NUZZLE™ celebrates this - the wonderful chaos of loving a pet - and gives you advice and guidance to help you love through all of life’s ups and downs.


The Tax Refund Team

Our team have a combined knowledge of over 30 years in dealing with HMRC. Our experts understand the tax rules and know it can get confusing. 1 in 3 UK residents are due a tax refund. Lots of people don’t bother claiming as they find the process too complicated, that’s where we come in. We will work tirelessly to get the money you are owed, paid to you. There are no hidden charges and our helpful team will assist you, every step of the way.



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Sky Zone

Sky Zone Trampoline Parks are an exciting entertainment, fitness and sports experience for the whole family.



Unthin have 1 product, a hair loss treatment spray for men. For consumers to receive the product they have to complete a questionnaire and get sign-off from the pharmacists at Unthin.



Lottoland allows people to bet on any lottery jackpot around the world. That means anyone in the UK can bet on the likes of Irish Lotto and US Powerball rather than just lotteries in their own country. Other instant win games on their website include scratchcards and slots.



About the client



High end, finish at home meal kits, prepared by top chefs.


Mother Root

Mother Root is the alcohol-free aperitif redefining drinking for pleasure. We believe flavour comes first and that alcohol has nothing to do with it. We take inspiration from age-old methods of aperitif wine making: maceration, blending and sweetening for balance. Bethan (founder of Mother Root) spent 10 years working in the wine and luxury spirits industry. When she was pregnant with her first child, she saw how real the need was for something special for non-drinkers. Whether you’re ending the day or kicking off conversations with friends, Mother Root aperitifs give you the opportunity to enjoy those precious moments without limitations.



The website is a casual/fun/quick dating one and not for serious relationships meaning some creators may not be 100% comfortable with this! Just ensuring they feel happy to go through with the project DO: - film in natural light, ideally facing a window - when not directly speaking to a camera, use VO but ensure audio quality is seamless and natural - Add engaging captions to your video! remember to submit the version without! - Keep it lively and energetic - we want to encourage the audience! - Shoot high-res DON'T - sound like you're reading off a script - film via TikTok app. In case of revisions please edit with CapCut or similar. - blurry footage, not being able to see the product or you clearly


First Choice Energy

First Choice Energy help families around the UK to live in an energy efficient homes through the use of insulation and installing eco-friendly boilers. They provide boiler grants as well as cavity wall insulation & extraction.



Enjoying exceptional coffee at home is one of life's little pleasures, and that is what Cafepod is all about. We use coffees from around the world to create complex, harmonious, well-rounded blends. A bold range, full of intensity. The home for at-home coffee lovers. Our creative platform: Life’s Little Pleasure. There are 4 key message areas we need to communicate in order to bring the creative platform to life. QUALITY: Brought to life through the flavour profiles of our blends, OCCASION: Brought to life through the use-cases of our full, half-caff and flavoured range. EASE: Brought to life through our three formats: pods, ground and bean, OFFER: The unique, and uniquely good, offer for our customers – in price, range and variety.



As the leading marketplace for travel experiences, they believe that making memories is what travel is all about. And with 300,000+ experiences to explore—everything from simple tours to extreme adventures (and all the niche, interesting stuff in between)—making memories that will last a lifetime has never been easier. With industry-leading flexibility and last-minute availability, it's never too late to make any day extraordinary. One site, 300,000+ experiences you’ll remember.Exceptional flexibility: You’re in control, with free cancellation and payment options to satisfy any plan or budget. Quality you can trust: Our experiences meet high quality standards and are backed by millions of reviews, so you know you’re getting the best. Experiences to remember: Browse and book tours and activities so incredible, you’ll want to tell your friends. Award-winning support: Find a lower price? Have a change in plans? No problem. We’re here to help, 24/7.


Bays Kitchen

At Bay’s Kitchen we produce award-winning, Low FODMAP, IBS Friendly, Gluten & Dairy Free Foods, most of which are Vegan too! Watch the below video to find out more about our brand and products from Bay Burdett, Founder of Bay’s Kitchen. Bay’s Kitchen was born from a desire to create a new range of low FODMAP food products to help fellow IBS sufferers find food which is low in FODMAP’s, yet tastes great and is convenient for our fast-paced lives. It is our mission to continue to expand this range of Low FODMAP foods to offer people suffering with digestive issues top quality delicious food that meets their dietary needs and lifestyle.



Eureka’s North Star: To be the go-to starting point for every type of shopper. Eureka’s Mission: To help shoppers discover new products and brands to love - whether they’re actively seeking it out or not.





Ms. Foundation

Ms. Foundation build women’s collective power in the U.S. by investing in, and strengthening, the capacity of women-led movements to advance meaningful social, cultural, and economic change. Ms. Foundation doesn't just write a check and move on. Ms. Foundation provides strategic assistance that builds leadership, strengthens organizations and seeds long-term solutions. They know that those most affected by systemic oppression have the solutions and believe in honoring their voices and supporting their leadership.


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